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Relocation Services

In today’s competitive employment market, expanded relocation services in the Lehigh Valley have become a popular and necessary employee benefit. Our relocations services can make moving and relocating a positive experience for an employee. We will save you time and money. Axel Property Management has a team of licensed agents who can help with your apartment hunting needs to give you peace of mind.

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Our Relocation Process

  1. 1. New Job, New Place

    You offer the position to your new hire. They’re ready to get started but may need assistance in promptly finding a place to live. Refer them to us!

  2. 2. Nice to Meet You!

    We welcome your newest employee to the Lehigh Valley area. Next, our Leasing and Relocation Specialist will present rental homes that fit their needs. We’ll follow up by sending an e-brochure with details, photos, and floorplans. We spend time going over the details and explaining what to expect throughout this process.

  3. 3. We're here for you.

    Our Leasing and Relocation Specialist will schedule a convenient time to discuss your housing needs. We’ll look at properties and the neighborhood. We’ll answer questions about your new hire’s home selection. Our team members make it easy with their knowledge and guidance!